Will I be fully qualified after my day course?

Yes. Your certificate will be given to you on the day subject to you meeting the required standard in the course. Failure to meet the required standard, we may ask you to perform a few case study. Each case is dealt with differently depending on the situation of the student.


How old do I need to be to complete the courses?

You will need to be 16+


Can I get insurance with my certificate?

Yes your certificate will be fully recognised and you will be able to obtain Professional Insurance to be able to work on the paying public. We will guide you on becoming fully insured and the best company to use.


Is my trainer fully qualified?

Yes all our trainers are fully qualified and some are qualified beauty therapist and are also a recognised teacher/trainer and fully insured.

Are kits provided with my course?

Some Courses Kits will be provided for a few courses which will be advertised. For other courses you can purchase a Starter Kit to get you off the ground. Kits will be given to you on the day of the course. You will be required to use your kit on the day of the course.

Can I get advice and support after my course?

Yes we will be happy to keep in touch and help you with your new career. You may e-mail us at any time.