Hopi Ear Candles Course | One Day Accredited Course



Hopi Ear Candles Course | One Day Accredited Course  with A & P  beforehand

This course does not include a kit. A kit is required and it’s £40.00
Duration: 10.00-2.00pm

Professional one day training course for Hopi Ear Candling, a popular course for beginners and therapists offering many benefits. It is a wonderfully relaxing treatment and excellent to use with family and friends or for any therapist to train and add to their existing repertoire.

The skills you will learn on this Hopi Ear Candling course can be used to treat many conditions and include a soothing face and neck massage

Students should bring pen/pencil, paper, towel/blanket and own lunch. Loose/comfortable clothing should be worn and during the practical work minimal clothing is removed.

Because massage will be undertaken, normal standards of cleanliness will be expected including short fingernails.

Also known as Thermo Auricular Therapy, Hopi Ear Candling is an excellent and non-invasive treatment suitable for problems and conditions related to the ear, nose and throat areas.

History of Ear Candling

Ear Candling is an ancient form of treatment more commonly associated with the natives of North America. However it has been used in many other cultures over thousands of years.

The Candles are cylindrical with hollow centres and are made of natural substances such as honey, beeswax and medicinal herbs. Once lit, they are inserted in the ear and are used both to cleanse and to regulate the pressure system in the inner ear. The treatment can be used for many conditions including; headaches, migraines, sinusitis, rhinitis and tinnitus. Snoring can be reduced and children suffering from glue ear can be helped.

All the A & P you require will be included in your course manuals.

Some of the conditions it is useful for are listed below;

  • Tinnitus, ear wax, glue ear
  • Sore throats, hay fever
  • Headache, migraine
  • Rhinitis, sinusitis
  • Catarrh, asthma
  • Regulating pressure in ears and head
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Stimulates lymphatic system

Once you have completed the course you will receive your certificate on the day of training. This is an accredited course therefore you will be able to obtain insurance and use this therapy with the general public and charge for it.


Date: Contact Us to Request
Certificate: Yes
Prerequisites: None
Maximum amount of students: 6
Location: Vspa Academy, 25 ilsham road. Torquay. TQ1 2JG
Parking: On the road
You may pay a deposit upon booking the course, however the remaining balance is due 2 weeks before your course. The remaining balance will be invoiced to you paypal.
This training is done in small groups of 6 or less.

Starter Kits

You will be using your own starter kit on the day of your training.

Selected starter kits are available for our students to purchase through our website. The starter kit contents  also give you some idea of the minimum basic items you will require, however there may be additional items you will look to add beyond the starter kit(s) once you begin practicing to enhance your treatments. Kit orders will only be processed where the student has already booked or attended to complete the relevant training course with Vspa Academy, as we provide kits only for the purposes of training, practice and gaining qualifications to our own students. Orders from those who have not completed training with us may be refused and result in cancellation / refund of the kit fee paid.

Kits will be giving to you on the day of training.

All kit shortages or damages should inform your tutor on the day of your course.

If you fail to attend the course and have paid for the course in full aswell as your kit, we can ship your kit for £5.00 postage and package fee.









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